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Turf Management Experts
Homeowners and professionals in the green industry rely on FS for complete turf management. We are a leading provider of technical turf knowledge to homeowners, landscapers, school and park districts, professional sports complexes, golf courses and nurseries. We are the turf management support system that homeowners and professionals count on every day for quality products and service.
If it effects turf performance, we know about it.

  • Fertility levels
  • Weed, disease and insect pressure management
  • Proper moisture level maintenance
  • Soil amendment analysis and recommendations
  • Optimal maintenance techniques, schedules, products and equipment
  • Turf reaction to all weather conditions
  • Animal control
  • Turf reaction to all intended uses


The Green Velvet Lawn Food products are guaranteed to give you professional results.

Step 1

Green Velvet 24-3-6: Lawn Food Plus Pre-Emergent Crabgrass Control

Step 2
Green Velvet 24-3-6: Lawn Food Plus Broadleaf Weed Control
Step 3
Green Velvet 24-3-6: Lawn Food with Controlled Release Nitrogen
Step 4
Green Velvet 18-10-18: Fall/Winter Lawn Food
Specialty Lawn Foods
Green Velvet 24-3-6: Lawn Food Plus Insect Control
Green Velvet 5%: Diazinon Insect Control Granules
Green Velvet 6-12-12: Garden and  Flower Plant Food
Green Velvet 9-24-6: Starter Fertilizer

Deep Velvet Turf seeds are the finest turf grasses available and designed to look good and withstand heavy traffic.

Blue Velvet Blue Grass
A blend of four improved bluegrasses for the picture-perfect lawn. Deep green and fine-textured.

Boulevard Lawn Mix
Formulated to withstand the harsh environment next to roads and sidewalks.

Deluxe Lawn Mix
A mix of bluegrass, perennial ryegrass, and creeping fescue - works well in sun and moderate shade for general purpose lawns.

Dura-Turf Mix
Quick cover and an economical price. Tolerates traffic and punishment.

Playground Lawn Mix
A mix of turf-type tall fescue, turf-type perennial ryegrass, and improved bluegrass, this mix is excellent for large lawns with kids and heavy use.
Quartet Ryegrass
A blend of four perennial ryegrasses. Establishes quickly - quality turf is perfect for family enjoyment.
Shady Lawn Mix
Designed for full or partial shade. Maintains good color and tolerates traffic. 

Surpreme Lawn Mix
Full sun or partial shade - easy to establish and provides quick cover.

Tuff Lawn Blend
A blend of four turf-type fescues. Excellent in stressful growing conditions, high traffic areas and shade. 
 Professional Seed
 Premium Athletic Gold Mix
A three-variety mix of Kentucky Bluegrass developed specifically for athletic fields.
Quatro - Ryegrass Blend
An excellent choice for tees, fairways, and quick repairs. A blend of high-endophyte improved varieties.
Checkmate Mix
A mix of three varieties of turf-type tall fescues. Durability and hardiness make it a favorite for residential or commercial turf.

Shadows - Shade Mix
A blend of three improved shade-tolerant bluegrasses. The best choice for shaded areas.
Grand Slam Mix
A mix of four improved bluegrasses. A great choice for baseball and football fields.
Symphony - Bluegrass Blend
The best choice for the highest quality turf. A blend of five highly-improved bluegrasses.

Maestro - Turf Type Fall Fescue Blend
A blend of four improved turf type tall fescue varieties. An excellent choice for durability and hardiness. Insect, disease, drought and wear tolerant.

University Mix
Improved bluegrasses, perennial rye grass, and fine fescue. A great mix for all-round turf use, like a campus. Sun and shade.
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