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Performance. Dieselex®Gold. It will keep you running strong with more horsepower and more hours per gallon than any other diesel fuel. Ask for it by name. Your neighbors do.

Power Fuel Products

- Dieselex Gold (.pdf)
- Premium +
- No. 1 Fuel Oil
- No. 2 Fuel Oil
- E-85
- FS Unleaded Gasoline
- FS 1-K Kerosene
- Soy Biodiesel


Power Fuel Services

Fleet Fueling

Provide easy fueling for commercial fleets through our system of FS FUEL 24 stations and the FS FUEL 24 card. Using the card allows managers to regulate fuel usage at no additional cost to the company. In addition, when applying for fleet cards, each card can be encoded to tell the driver what kind of fuel they can purchase and ask for the company vehicle identification and odometer reading.

The card operates either at the pump or inside the station and keeps accurate fueling records for each user. Once a month, fleet managers receive a FUEL 24 management report by vehicle and by card. The detailed report includes a monthly invoice and shows miles traveled, cost per gallon, fuel type, and purchase location.

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The ACCU-Clean system rids diesel fuel tanks of contaminants like algae, rust and moisture. The unit, designed and manufactured especially for the FS Member Cooperatives, filters out contaminants while returning clean fuel to your tank.

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Forward Contracting

FS Flat Price

This contract allows you to choose a fixed price per gallon on a specified quantity of product delivered during a specific period of time.

All information subject to change without notice.
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